Ground LTL

Ground LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping, by definition, involves movement of freight that occupies only a portion of an entire trailer. FLS specializes in this service.  We offer traditional, partial, volume, expedited, and climate-controlled LTL pickup and delivery services for all our clients’ needs.

Pickup & Delivery

Power lift gates with sixty (60) by eighty (80) inch, three thousand pound capacity, coupled with two-driver teams, make same-day and next-day pickup and delivery services a specialty. FLS offers our customers first haul, final haul, and anything in between on regularly scheduled runs or in emergency situations.

Hot Shots

While “hot shots” originated in Texas oilfields, quickly delivering parts to off-road pumping and drilling operations, the term has since broadened in scope. Now it commonly refers to the freight, the truck, or both. FLS most often uses the term to describe our secure transportation of expedited freight for a single customer, using a company-owned vehicles.

Air Freight Transportation

First haul (from the airport) or final haul (to the airport): our unique partnerships with major air carriers ensure smooth pickup and delivery for air freight, minimizing security delays and ensuring timely shipments for our customers. FLS provides both regular runs and as-needed air freight transportation.

Manufacturing Logistics

Traditional manufacturing focuses on delivery of goods to distributors, retailers, and consumers. While essential in the global economy, this disregards internal supply chain needs. Partnership with a trusted 3PL provider like FLS dramatically improves efficiency and reduces cost through better supply chain management.

Just In Time Delivery

Manufacturers embracing lean manufacturing principles and distributors lowering costs through reduced inventory have a common need. Supplies must be delivered on time where needed, when needed, without exception. JIT (Just In Time) delivery from FLS forms an integral part of the modern supply chain, from start to finish.

Secure Storage

Company-owned, company-operated warehouses provide secure storage for our clients. Video surveillance, employee background checks, and procedures certified to TSA security and safety standards provide assurance that the FLS secure storage facilities meet or exceed our partners’ security standards.

B2B Courier Services

For critical packages, delivery time must be measured in hours: traditional next-day or even same-day service won’t suffice. FLS offers courier services to meet the need for swift turnaround, coupled with the added security provided by company-owned vehicles and fully vetted company drivers.

Cross Docking

In the LTL freight industry, cross-docking involves moving cargo from one transport vehicle directly onto another, with minimal or no warehousing. FLS employs traditional “hub and spoke” techniques with short warehousing time in addition to “on the road” cross-docking between transport vehicles.