As our company continues to develop and grow, so too do our logistics fleet and our logistics services.

We recently came to a partnership agreement with several international floral and horticultural companies. As we finalized the arrangements with those organizations, a local confectionery company approached us. It quickly became apparent that refrigerated transport was to become a core part of our service offerings moving forward.

Rising to the Challenge

To serve this new need, we purchased several refrigerated straight trucks, in both twenty-four (24) and twenty-six (26) foot length. Each straight truck is equipped with a power lift gate with three thousand (3000) pound capacity. Refrigerated, full-length, fifty-three (53) foot trailers complement the straight trucks, facilitating larger deliveries and multi-stop routes.

We subject our refrigerated trucks and trailers to detailed inspections, rigorous testing, and meticulous maintenance. Any freight transported by our refrigerated fleet exactly maintains the specified temperature requirements from the moment we take possession until the moment the consignee signs our delivery receipt.

Unfortunately, looking at our newly acquired refrigerated equipment, we realized we forgot something: matching dry van trailers. We rectified that situation by adding a half-dozen fifty-three (53) foot dry van trailers to our fleet. All our full-length trailers, dry van or refrigerated, come equipped with all the leading safety and cargo protection advancements, from air ride suspension to tire inflation technology.

Continuing the Tradition

Finally, and equally important to us, we own all this new equipment. This continues our long-standing tradition of FLS, Inc. maintaining sole ownership of and responsibility for our logistics fleet.